Our Gallery
Here are some of our recently completed projects and some pictures of the work we did. Please enjoy looking through the pictures and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
  • Alpha Baking parking lot reconstruction
  • Estes Trucking Company McCook Truck Terminals
  • Various Menards Lumber yard & garden center expansions
  • Kanaflex Corporation warehouse and loading dock expansion
  • Multiple residential houses new and remodeled
  • First Nation Bank Chicago
  • Charter One Banks Napervile & Skokie
  • Abbott Rubber Co. parking lot reconstruction
MISC 005.jpg alpha baking 2.jpg alpha baking 3.jpg MISC 006.jpg MISC 009.jpg
alpha baking 6.jpg alpha baking 7.jpg alpha baking 8.jpg alpha baking 9.jpg alpha baking 10.jpg
alpha baking 11.jpg alpha baking 12.jpg alpha baking 13.jpg PICTURES 1121.jpg PICTURES 1130.jpg
PICTURES 1131.jpg MISC 011.jpg PICTURES 1268.jpg PICTURES 1270.jpg PICTURES 1292.jpg
PICTURES 1304.jpg PICTURES 1305.jpg PICTURES 1311.jpg PICTURES 546.jpg PICTURES 550.jpg
259 Prospect Elmhurst 001.jpg 259 Prospect Elmhurst 004.jpg 259 Prospect Elmhurst 009.jpg 259 Prospect Elmhurst 023.jpg 259 Prospect Elmhurst 039.jpg
259 Prospect Elmhurst 076.jpg 259 Prospect Elmhurst 111.jpg PICTURES 049.jpg PICTURES 242.jpg MISC 024.jpg